Training Evaluation and Assessment of Training ROI

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Training Evaluation and Assessment of Training ROI
Rp 2.500.000,- 26 – 27Februari 2007
HRD Forum Training Centre

Each year, organizations conduct training assumed to be effective in providing their employees with knowledge and skills vital to improving performance and productivity. Every year, billions of dollars are wasted when training fails to accomplish this goal. Tracking Training Impact is designed to help correct this situation by empowering you to measure and improve the impact of training–training focused on organizational goals, strategies and key business objectives. This two-day and three-day workshop couples new concepts and proven strategies with critical skill practice needed to prepare you for immediate on-the-job application.

Training Evaluation and Assessment of Training ROI
Training Programs
Tracking Training Impact
Developing Effective Tests
Linking Training with Business Results
Customized and Non-Customized Training Formats

This Workshop  will…
–          Improve the credibility of the training function by quantifying training’s worth to the organization. Provide you with proven tools, strategies and techniques for
           successfully measuring the results of training.
–          Highlight the best approaches for measuring training effectiveness given organizational constraints, discuss common pitfalls and provide strategies for overcoming
–          Provide colorful job aids and checklists which illuminate the steps needed to ensure successful implementation.
–          Provide a process for collaboratively working with key members in your organization to increase their support and help ensure that training adds value to the
–          Present the benefits and challenges of each measurement level or technique and provide creative ways for improving their success.
Day One
1. Critical Business Issues or Needs
2. Training Activities and Reactions
3. Achievement of Learning Objectives
4. Transfer of Skills and Knowledge
5. Training’s Worth to the Organization
Apply practical strategies, techniques and research-based methodologies for collecting the right data while involving the right people in the process.
Ask the right diagnostic questions for determining the business need for training to ensure training has a valued impact on the organization.
Determine the best approach for measuring training effectiveness given organizational constraints while balancing the need for reliable and valid measurements.
Describe your results in terms that have value to key decision-makers in the organization.
Statistically analyze the results of pre and post-training measures in order to improve the accuracy and quality of your training decisions.
Quantify training impact by effectively planning your data collection strategy using basic experimental design principles and descriptive statistics.
Improve performance by involving key members of the organization in identifying desired training outcomes linked to the resolution of critical business issues or need.
Day Two
Assess training’s worth to the organization using techniques including:
1. Return on Investment (ROI)
2. Productivity Action Plans
3. Cost-Benefit Analysis
4. Critical Incident Technique
5. Performance Record Analysis
6. Productivity Measurement
Better manage training costs and make more cost-effective decisions regarding training expenditures.
Plan a successful strategy for implementing evaluation strategies and techniques in your organization.
Increase training benefits by focusing more on achieving results which have worth to the organization.
Improve the credibility and power of the training function by becoming PROFIT instead of COST centered.
Develop effective strategies for overcoming common barriers to successful Tracking implementation.
Collaboratively identify training benefits and estimate training’s financial and non-financial value using the Collaborative Tracking Model.
Collaborate with key managers during strategic points in the training and evaluation process to ensure their support and increase the likelihood of achieving desired results.
Apply measurement techniques strategically to improve the cost-effectiveness and impact of training on operational results.
– Training Calculator
– The Guide of how to measure the dollar training formula
Rp. 2.500.000,-
(Discount 10% for company who send two or more participant)
Please bring notebook
BCA – KCP Ahmad Yani –
No. Rek : 739 041 0829  a/n  Bahari Antono
HRD Forum Training Center
IS PLAZA Building 9th Floor, Room 904
Jl Pramuka Raya Kav 151 – Jakarta Timur
9.00 WIB – 16.00 WIB
Ms. Rani Kartika
IS Plaza Building, 9th Floor, Suite 904, Jl Pramuka Raya Kav.151, Jakarta-13120
Telp     : 021 – 851 3661 ; 021 – 857 9510 (hunting) ; 021 – 856 4666 ext.1053
Fax      : 021 – 851 3661 ; 021 – 857 9510
Email  :

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