Behavioral Event Interview (BEI)

One Day Workshop – HRD Forum
Behavioral Event Interview (BEI)
How To Make Behavioral Interviewing More Practical
Rp 1.850.000,- 25 April 2011
Bonus: Interview BuilderTM Software

Course Overview

Interview yang terstruktur, terarah dan terpola berbasis behavior atau
Behavioral Event Interview (BEI) mempunyai akurasi yang cukup tinggi dalam
menggali semua hal yang dibutuhkan dalam proses rekrutmen, competency
assessment, performance potential assessment (performance prediction), gap
skills & behavior analysis. Sekitar 70% hal-hal yang dibutuhkan mampu digali
dan ini merupakan hasil validasi tertinggi dibandingkan teknik-teknik dan
tes-tes yang lain.

BEI mulai dikenal sebagai salah satu tools HRD ketika konsep competency base
mendapat tempat didunia bisnis. BEI dikembangkan dari konsep investigasi dan
introgasi intelejen dan militer serta kepolisian dalam mengorek dan menggali
informasi strategis sesuai kebutuhan. Konsep ini kemudian dibawa kedalam
dunia bisnis dan HRD dengan memasukkan unsur-unsur psikologi dan humanistik
disesuaikan dengan kondisi yang ada. Ini kemudian lebih dikenal sebagai BEI
versi klasik, yakni versi dan model yang mempunyai sistem komprehensif tapi
membutuhkan waktu yang lama dalam prosesnya.

Dalam workshop ini peserta akan diajarkan teknik BEI versi non klasik yang
lebih praktikal dan langsung pada inti competency yang hendak digali tanpa
melalui proses yang rumit dan berbelit-belit.

Course Objectives:
Learn how to use behavioral interviewing as an effective interviewing
Understand the potential legal concerns related to interviewing, including
particular questions and comments to avoid
Use the unique, Our six-step model for constructing job-related interviews
Identify the skills and behaviors critical to success
Use test data as a resource in the interview process
Listen carefully for complete responses from candidates
Probe effectively for missing information
Use techniques to deal with difficult candidates
Document and decline appropriately
Increase comfort and confidence as a skilled interviewer

Course Facilitator
Heru Wiryanto
He has personally supervised assessment process improvement efforts in more
than twenty organizations. Most recently, Mr. Heru led the strategic
redesign and deployment effort for many manufacturing and services company.
This engagement included the creation of a new Strategic Assessment system
based on the competency based system. He also assisted the International
Personnel Management Assoc Assessment Council in New methodology.  He has
designed training solutions and facilitated team activity and served as a
consultant to management.  Mr. Heru has a  degree in Psychology from the
Padjadjaran University.  He has strong and solid experience in statistical
and data utility analysis, validation research and Master Trainer in
Assessment Center methods and Performance Based Interview.

Rp. 1.850.000,- (Discount 10% for company who send two or more participant)
Please bring notebook

BCA – KCP Ahmad Yani – Bekasi
No. Rek : 739 041 0829  a/n  Bahari Antono

Lumire Hotel – Jakarta Pusat

Information & Registration

0815 1049 0007

Email  :
Website :

Pendaftaran Via SMS : 0815 1049 0007
Registration Form BEI – 25 April 2011
Name: ……………………
Company: ………………
Address: ………………..
Phone/HP: ……………..
E-mail: …………………..
Date of Transfer: ……..

Interview BuilderT Software
“This is the best hiring system I’ve ever seen SA,Xerox
Other companies offer programs to help you “win the talent wars,” but only
Interview BuilderTM offers a tactical system, a specific process for filling
any position with great people. Other companies’ programs are more
“strategic” and academic, and when it comes down it, not nearly as
Interview BuilderT is an easy-to-use, CD-Rom program that contains an
extensive database of about 40 behavioral competencies, with scores of
target behaviors (interview “answers”) and corresponding interview questions
(about 1,000 interview questions in all!). Behavioral interview questions
combined with target behaviors are written at three levels: 1) non-exempt,
or support level; 2) technical/professional; 3) manager, or leader.
Interviewers quickly compose customized behavioral interviews from an
extensive list of job-specific competencies. An Interview Guide is produced
that can be used during and after the interview to record comments,
evaluations and establish a legal record. Interview BuilderT can be used
Internal and External Recruitment and Selection
Performance Evaluation/Coaching
Career Development
Succession Planning
Competency Modeling

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